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Buy wholesale food supplies with the power of a national network of wholesale food suppliers and distributors.

Countrywide Distributors are a number of owner-operator New Zealand-wide wholesale food distributors of various sizes involved in broadstream distribution of frozen (includes wholesale meats), chilled and dry goods concentrating on supply to the NZ Food Service market.

All Distributors are shareholders in Countrywide Distributors (NZ) Ltd, a Company established to co-ordinate and centralize purchasing, payments and policy development to achieve greater market penetration and sales of wholesale foods. At the same time, we give the level of service and quality standards the food industry deserves.

Countrywide Distributors (NZ) Ltd is affiliated to Countrywide Australia and runs an office located in Christchurch.

The Strength of the Group comes from:

  • Clear geographical market definition nationwide – for each Distributor covering a wide range of wholesale food supplies.

  • Owner-Operator energies – up to seven days a week service in some areas

  • Sharing of market information

  • Combined promotional efforts

  • Collective purchasing advantages allow competitive pricing on wholesale meat, dry goods and food products

  • Guaranteed disciplined payment of account

  • Regular Director and Shareholder meetings with resultant informed and beneficial policy establishment

Countrywide wholesale food suppliers have been servicing the NZ Food Service sector and have enjoyed the growth food consumption outlets have made with new franchises and food styles. We also distribute to the highly competitive retail sector. With products available from dry goods, to wholesale meat and finished food products such as pies and pastries, Countrywide can meet your food service needs whether you're running a local cafe or catering for a large organisation such as a school or rest home.

All Members operate with modern high-tech multi-temperature warehouses and vehicles whilst operating vigorous telephone sales with well trained TSO’s who are tuned to their customers’ needs.

Each has a policy and the resources to change and improve the facilities to meet with the growing and changing needs of the wholesale foods market. We enjoy close working relationships with most major New Zealand wholesale food suppliers and many other companies with which we combine in promotional programs and other sales support. 

To date, we have successfully negotiated competitive prices for several major Hotel and Restaurant Groups proving their importance within the NZ Food Service sector to many suppliers.

Initially, contact should be made with whichever of our Distributors is most convenient to your location. With the assistance of our Head Office, we can help you to gain competitive pricing along with your local owner/operator’s guaranteed high level of customer service.

We look forward to being of assistance to you.

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