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Food Service Palmerston North

For delivery in Palmerston North, please contact our Wellington food service team or Wanganui food service team.

meat products

Our customers include

  • Hotels/Motels & accommodation
  • Wholesalers, dairy processing
  • Hospitals, nursing homes
  • Governmental institutions (defence forces, prisons, airlines)
  • Educational institutions (universities, Schools, polytechnics)
  • Food Services (food bars, coffee shops)


Contact us today

Wellington: (04) 586 2162

Wanganui: (06) 344 5585


Potato Chips

Potato Chips

We’ve got you covered for steak cut, crinkle, shoestring and curly fries from brands including McCains, Wattie’s, Mr Chips & Lamb Weston.

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Fresh and frozen chicken distributors, NZ-wide. Our poultry distributors offer everything from whole birds to value-added products from Ingham’s & Tegel.

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Our local food service distributors can deliver a wide range of seafood, wholesale to your business or organization from NZ seafood companies including Markwell Foods, United Seafood & United Fisheries.

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Save time and money on meat distribution for your business without sacrificing quality. Get in touch with your local meat distributor for wholesale meat supply and delivery.

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Dry Goods

Dry Goods

Wholesale dry goods available from Countrywide members include everything from raw ingredients to pre-mix and finished products. Find responsive dry goods suppliers offering a comprehensive range of dry goods.

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Desserts and Ice creams

Desserts & Ice Creams

Desserts & Ice Cream: Frozen foods suppliers for bulk frozen desserts and ice creams from suppliers including Kiwi, Florentines, Talley's, Gourmet and Kapiti.

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Frozen Food

Frozen Food

Talley's, Watties, Markwell Foods

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Fresh Vegetables

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Brands We Stock

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Physical Address: 136 Gracefield Road, Gracefield, Wellington
Phone: 04 586 2162
Fax: (04) 586-2163
Website: servicefoods.co.nz

Physical Address: 2 Fox Road, Wanganui
Phone: (06) 344 5585
Fax: (06) 344 7665
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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